2022-07-05 22:51:31 - New web host
After years of my web host messing things up, such as removing Node.js after it was on my server for 6 months (see also: my news post from 2018), I decided to switch to Amazon Web Services.

Check out my latest almost-finished game, a sort of multiplayer turn-based city builder named Burgustar (log in via your Discord account). It allows you to play a few turns ahead of other players, but your actions may be undone if the other players' earlier turns render them invalid.

2020-08-23 18:49:10 - Mass Update
It's been a while, so I decided it was a good time to upload a bunch of projects I've done over the last few years, including an older abandoned one or two.
Music: Added Tusciffe Title, Tusciffe Valley, Untitled First Symphony, Unlearned, and Verty.
Text: Added two sci-fi short stories (A Memoir of the Downturn and the introduction of an "untitled mage story"), riddles, a presentation on game engine concepts, a machine learning crash course, and "Facts, Ideas, and Principles for Becoming Your Best (Software Developer) Self"
Software: Omlenet, Chaos Island Hacking, DeArrayViz
Links: my GitHub and my Steam Workshop (I just made six Surviving Mars mods last weekend)
Other: the StepMania step chart for Unlearned is on the "For other games" page.
I also updated the About page and renamed the Programs category to Software and the Graphics category to Visual Arts. Be sure to check out my PixelJoint account, too.

2018-08-08 00:00:58 - Database Destruction
The DePro Depot databases were lost in a power outage according to the web host, but I was able to restore them and added Lexamper to my program listing.